Bicentennial Hymn

Composed by Father Francis Patrick O'Brien


We Journey Together in Christ.
For Christ is our love and our life.
From sorrow to joy,
from darkness to light
We journey together,
together We Journey in Christ.


Saints and sinners together
you now welcome as friends.
Pilgrims all on the way,
we have gathered to praise
‘til you come once again.

Here we hunger for justice.
Here we long for your peace.
Here your Word is revealed;
Here your covenant sealed.
Here your love will increase.

Now you nourish and bless us
with your body and blood.
In this gift that we share,
in your cross that we bear
we will witness your love.

All our lives we shall follow;
All our days we shall praise.
Through our doubt and our fear
yours the voice that we hear;
yours the presence that saves.

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