The Theme and Logo: 200 Years and Counting

“Journey Together in Christ” expresses a reality and a hope.  It founds our mission as a Church in Boston solidly in the Lord as a Community and yet it also calls us forward to a renewed energy, a healing presence and a spirit of mission.  To proclaim that we are on “journey” admits the on-going process of being Church and bringing glory to God.  It admits our short-comings and affirms our accomplishments.  In Boston, for Boston, there have been many over the past 200 years. “Journey Together in Christ” offers us a dynamic hope for the future.

The Logo was designed in a wonderfully collaborative manner under the direction of two enthusiastic women at 2 Hats Design in Wellesley.  We are so grateful for their leadership and flexibility as the Bicentennial Committee came to a final decision.  The circle speaks of eternity and gathering together.  The Zakim/Bunker Hill Bridge has become the icon of the city of Boston and reminds us of the “bridge-building” that we are called to be as we spread the Good News of Christ; the waters of the harbor remind us of the waters of Baptism and our membership in the Body of Christ; the sun reflects the Light of Christ and guides us forward as we “see” all we have done in the past. The path for the journey weaves down the center, but it is also a “B” for Boston and all these symbols are within the Cross of Christ reminding us that journey has its sorrows as well as joys – the cross, which we are called to carry as we journey together in Christ. 

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